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Amatrix Architects is an international, Hong Kong based design-oriented architectural company. Our objective is simple - to create quality architectural and urban structures of international standards to the absolute satisfaction of our valued clients.

the value of experience

The partners of Amatrix Architects share over 40 years of international experience, employing architects, engineers, project managers, computer technicians and administrators.

Amatrix Architects have delivered 35+ projects globally, attaining a number of international design awards. While strong emphasis is made on design excellence, every effort is made to ensure that the implementation of the design is executed to the highest professional standards and quality.

 Amatrix Architects establish clear, powerful and sensitive buildings. We use world-class knowledge to create local solutions. The large-scale perspective which we offer gives the Client the opportunity to draw on our varied experience in America, Europe, Asia and Australia.


Cost control represents an important aspect in complex construction industry, which must not be ignored. In fact, we trust it should have a leading role throughout the entire process, from the first concept line to project completion. Our architects work closely on a daily basis with cost-control professionals. 

Cost Control

The construction of buildings in foreign countries requires careful, considerate and skilful supervision. If required our experienced in-house project management team is always at the Client's disposal to take a leading role.  Amatrix Architects maintains close contact with local supervisory personnel.


Creating space where function, form and proportion integrate seamlessly - Zoran Bracovic

Zoran Bracovic | CEO

Reach out to Zoran direct, no obligations. Zoran looks forward to learning more of your design needs, aligning these with your vision and passion for your next architectural project.

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